Monday, October 22, 2007

Quilters Tacker

I did a shop hop with my 12 year old daughter on Saturday, and at one of the shops there was a man selling the neatest tool.
It is called the Quilters tacker. It was designed to put tacks in a quilt frame, take them out, and straighten bent tacks. I got to try it before I bought it, and can't believe how easy it is. The tool that puts the tacks in is magnetic so you just push it down on the wood and your tack is set in the wood, then to remove the tack you use the other tool that easily lifts the tack out. These are not advertised at all, but I have the contact information of the maker.


Unknown said...

They now have a web page.

Settlement Canyon Irrigation Co. said...

Hello! I picked up a quilters tacker at a quilt show and would love to get some more for my quilting friends.... Do you have the info???

The Yospe's said...

There's now a new style and you can buy them online at the above mentioned website.