Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First post

Well, I thought I would finally give blogging a try. I have been reading others blogs about quilting for awhile now, and thought I would see how I like it.

Most recently, I have been working on Batik & cream stars for a swap at I have been having some trouble with them so I have been trying different patterns. So far for the 12 inch group I have one Brasstown Star, and a Double Star, for the 9 inch group I have a Fractured Sunrise, and 2 Sprockets. All patterns are from Quilter's Cache.


Rose said...

Have fun blogging! I like the blocks but the bottom center one is my favorite! It is gorgeous!

Colene said...

Yay! I will add your blog to my reader and keep up on your quilting. I love reading and seeing what everyone is working on.

Kathi said...

Thanks for the welcome and the comments on my blocks.