Monday, February 25, 2008

Doll quilt done

I finished my doll quilt for ??? (it is a secret who it is for.) I will be mailing it today. I used machine trapunto for the feathered star. I am happy with the front of it, not thrilled with the back and binding though. I had done string piecing for the back, but didn't get it exactly square, so I made the binding wide on the back to cover the uneven border fabric on the back. Not perfect, but at least it will be on a wall. Hope ???? likes it!


black bear cabin said...

and the back looks awesome! You have definitely outdone yourself this time! :)
(who is now kicking herself for not joining that swap!)

Quilting For Less said...

Just dropped in to your blog. Love your quilt and the back is perfect! Your quilting looks so nice!


Anonymous said...

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