Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cowboy quilt

Here is the cowboy quilt that was made during a row robin on There is another row that will be made into a body pillow case to go with the quilt, but the quilt was getting too long, so I let my 4 year old son Hunter pick the ones that he wanted on the quilt. The row that will be for the pillowcase has some great log cabin blocks and open space where I can embellish it with quilting. I will post photos of that as soon as I get it done. I just got the quilt back from Ami at , who did a beautiful job with a cowboy pantograph.
This quilt just needs binding which I think will be done in the red bandanna fabric. I did the back in a wildlife flannel print by Robert Kaufman. Many thanks to the 6 talented ladies that were in my group: Nancy, Pat, Joy, Kristen, Kim, and Patty.

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black bear cabin said...

This looks so cute all sewn together...what fun! i cant wait to see it with the body pillow...he will be the envy of every buckaroo in his neighborhood :)
Isnt it fun when they finally become quilts?